On August Mist we cover all types of fishing from bass to deep sea and also fly fishing for bass, mackeral and garfish. No matter what type of fishing you would like to do, we have got it covered and we will give you the best day possible. We are now offering "You catch it and we cook it trips." These are based on a few hours fishing, then find a suitable spot to fire up the bbq and have the freshest fish available for lunch. The rest of the day is up to you. Either go back fishing, Harbour cruise, go to one of the area's top beaches or just chill out on the boat.

Bass fishing outside Poole Harbour

In May there is normally a good run of black bream in Poole bay and Old Harry rocks which are great sport and give a good start to the summer fishing season before the bass get into full swing.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing from August Mist is primarily inshore bass fishing around the entrance to Poole harbour and Poole bay. Around the entrance are some excellent marks for bass which fish on different tides making it a good place to get some all day fishing. There are plenty of smaller bass to keep you on your toes and its not unusual to have 50 or so on a days fishing as well as any of the larger ones that you may want to take home.
At some point during the day, we sometimes have to stock up on sandeels which is the primary bait used. This is done by putting over a small trawl and towing over some sandbanks. Its not unusual to catch small bass, wrasse, and even a seahorse!
sandeels being emptied in a fish box

When the tides are right we fish further offshore and up towards the Isle of Wight to look for the larger fish. Although there is longer steaming times to the fishing grounds, the rewards can be worth it.